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Umbrella Insurance in California

There is no requirement in the state of California that compels its residents to purchase umbrella insurance. Many people, however, do choose to make this investment, because it can protect against a number of situations that are not included under standard insurance policies. Also, the amount covered tends to be much greater than that of a standard liability policy, and your umbrella insurance will kick in when the limits of your other insurances have been exceeded.

How Umbrella Insurance Helps

In California, you are required to carry liability automobile insurance and homeowners, as long as you still have a mortgage. Umbrella insurance can give you peace of mind regarding the uncertainties of life that can cause you to be responsible for medical bills or property damage that will far exceed your current coverage. It can protect you against lawsuits if your teenager causes a wreck or if someone gets hurt in your swimming pool. Purchasing umbrella insurance is a great way to keep your assets safe.

Other Types of Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is available for San Jose, Westminster, and Diamond Bar, CA residents to supplement the commercial insurance that you are required to carry by law in certain circumstances. You can also purchase a policy to work together with your landlord insurance or renters insurance, both of which are not required by law. Umbrella insurance is also available to protect you beyond what is in your standard malpractice policy, and it can protect you against problems arising from advertising, slander, and libel.

Umbrella Insurance with Western Insurance Marketing Corporation

We at Western Insurance Marketing Corporation will do our best to provide you with the insurance package that will best suit your needs. You can also find a tool on our website that will enable you to find quotes for homeowners and automobile insurance from the comfort of your computer. For all other insurance policies, including umbrella insurance, call us, or visit us at our Diamond Bar, CA location, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Western Insurance Marketing Corporation also writes insurance for Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Virginia, Michigan, Indiana, Montana, Nevada, and New Mexico. For more information over your states insurance laws and requirements, please reach out to our agents. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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