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California Janitorial Service Insurance

It does not matter if your janitorial business serves large industrial facilities or small offices, it is important that you have adequate protection against the numerous risks that you are exposed to on a regular basis. These risks include employees being injured on the job, equipment breaking down and preventing the start or completion of a job, damage caused to a client's property, slips and falls on your premises, theft allegations and much more.

The janitorial insurance coverage from Western Insurance Marketing Corp in Diamond, CA is designed specifically to protect you from the unique risks of your industry. They are dedicated to helping you protect your livelihood and the future of your janitorial service business with janitors insurance that is tailored to meet the special needs of your operation. He will go over everything that you need to know, so that together you can develop a comprehensive protection plan. In addition, this valuable coverage is available at an incredibly affordable rate.

Legal action against companies in the janitorial industry are quite common. When your service requires you to constantly enter the premises of others and handle their property, you face serious legal consequences for even the slightest mishap. If you run a janitorial service company, whether it is a small operation or you have a large number of employees working for you, it is vital that you have a proper custodian insurance policy in place to shield you from all types of risks.

What Janitorial Insurance Do You Need?

Your janitorial insurance policy will need to cover a wide range of risks to which your business is exposed. Western Insurance Marketing will help you make sure you get all of the coverage you need in a complete, economical package that may include:

  • Automobile insurance that will cover any liabilities that come from the use of your company automobiles as well as the damage to the automobiles themselves
  • Employee benefits, such as health, life and retirement coverage that will help retain your best employees and attract prospective employees
  • Employee fidelity will provide you with coverage against employee theft, from both your company and your clients
  • General liability that will cover any responsibility for property damage or bodily injury to others
  • Real property coverage is you own the premises of your business
  • Workers compensation that will provide benefits to your employees if they are ever injured or become ill while on the job

Why Your Janitorial Service Needs Specific Coverage

While a number of the aspects of your custodian insurance policy will resemble that of a policy fit for all business types, there are also several specific risks of your field. Since you primarily work on premises that belong to other people, you are exposed to a wide range of unique risks that other business never even have to consider.

For instance, an employee working for your company could cause damage to something of great value that belongs to one of your clients. During the course of cleaning an office building, a computer may be damaged. Even though the machine itself may only cost a few hundred dollars to replace, the cost of restoring the data contained on the computer could be considerable.

Another unique risk about which you must constantly worry is employee theft. Your employees will be granted access to your client's property and equipment. Regardless of the fact that you perform extensive background checks on all of your employees, you cannot trust everyone all of the time. If your employee is responsible for a crime that is committed against one or more of your clients, then the responsibility of the loss could potentially fall on you.

With the right janitors insurance program through Hugh Pham and Western Insurance Marketing Corp, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you are adequately protected from all of these major concerns. You will be able to rest easy because you know that you have the janitorial insurance coverage that you need to ensure the protection of your business investment.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Janitorial Insurance

When purchasing your janitors insurance policy, there are a few things that you will need to take into consideration, such as:

  • The amount of liability insurance that you require - If you opt for the minimal level of liability coverage, you may not be protected against significant loss
  • The need for bonding - With a standard fidelity bond, you will be better protected against employee theft from a client
  • Commercial vehicle coverage for employees driving their own vehicles to jobs - employees driving from job to job carrying supplies and equipment may be involved in an accident for which you company can be held accountable, but his problem is easily addressed with commercial vehicle insurance that covers hired and non-owned vehicles

Janitorial services must face a wide variety of serious risks that are unique to their field. The risks are significant if you own this type of business. Fortunately, by clicking on the quote request button now, you will be one step closer to a janitorial insurance policy that will keep you, your employees, your business and your finances well protected.

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