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Home Insurance in California

Keep Your Home Protected with Western Insurance Marketing Corporation Home Insurance

Owning a home is a step that every resident in Diamond Bar, CA aspires to achieve. From Northern California to San Jose to Westminster, everyone wants to have a safe and secure place to call home. However, to be a good and responsible homeowner, a person needs to have home insurance. Western Insurance Marketing Corporation has been helping homeowners protect what they value most for a long time. We offer reliable homeowners coverage to California dwellers so that we can help keep families safe in the event of theft, certain natural disasters, or types of water damage. We understand the several factors that affect the homeowners insurance premiums which can include:

Home features and characteristics

These include the age of the home, wiring, roofing type, and the type of structure. These aspects can affect the premium since older homes will cost more to insure compared to newly built homes. Also, the price can differ depending on whether the home is made of bricks, stone, or other building materials.


The place where the home is located can alter the premiums paid. The premiums can be affected either upwards or downwards. For example, a home that is situated near a fire station enjoys lower premiums than those that are exposed to extreme weather and natural disaster. Also, if the neighborhood is prone to theft and other crimes the premiums get high.

Protective devices

If a home has alarm systems, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, and other home protective measures, the home insurance premiums could be lower compared to those without.

Personal factors

The lifestyle of the homeowner can affect the premiums too. For example, smokers may pay more than the non-smokers. An individual with a good credit history pays less too.

Above are some of the many aspects that alter the amount paid for the insurance coverage. If you are a homeowner in Diamond Bar, CA, San Jose, or Westminster in need of home insurance, come to Western Insurance Marketing Corporation and let us help you keep your home safe by offering you a policy that matches your preferential features. You can also get a quote online through our online rating tool.

Western Insurance Marketing Corporation also writes insurance for Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Virginia, Michigan, Indiana, Montana, Nevada, and New Mexico. For more information over your states insurance laws and requirements, please reach out to our agents. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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