Will Health Insurance Cover Your Teenager’s Health Problems?

If you live in Diamond Bar, CA and have a teenager, you want them to be happy and healthy. One of the best ways to do that is to ensure that they are covered by your health insurance. Thankfully, we, at Western Insurance Marketing Corporation, can help you find a policy that covers your teen.

That’s because most types of insurance policies are likely to cover dependents. A teen can be considered a dependent of their parents until they turn 26. At that point, you are no longer allowed to claim them as a dependent, even if they do rely on you for money, food, and shelter. Try to find them an alternate insurance policy that does cover them.

Medicare Plans Are Different

If you are an older adult who is switching to Medicare and you have a child below the age of 26, you might run into some issues. That’s because Medicare is not designed for multiple individuals and won’t cover your teenager. However, there is a bit of an exit clause that can help you out.

This clause states that your former employer’s insurance will continue to cover your teenager after you’ve retired and gone on Medicare. They will only cover them for another three years, so make sure that your teen is healthy and gets all the medical treatment they need before the big change.

It May Not Cover Certain Things

Another problem we’ve run into at Western Insurance Marketing Corporation are insurance holes for teens. For example, your teenage daughter may not be covered if she gets pregnant. Other health problems may also have limited coverage, so make sure that you talk to us first before you buy an insurance policy or assume that yours covers every issue of your child’s.

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