Insure your boat for the new year….all through paying your premium principle in advance.

If it’s time to get that new sailing boat, yacht or cruise boat, then it’s also time to make sure it’s properly insured and carries the full coverage you need. We’re talking all-inclusive coverage if it’s something you can afford. And in a world where boating accidents tend to occur more than before, we think it’s a wise idea that you at least get some type of coverage, be it even the minimal. Let’s have a quick, close look at some real-life statistics detailing the cost that boating accidents have accrued, from statistics in 2011 alone:

1. First of all, nearly 5,000 boat accidents cost about $50 in property damage. 

2. In addition, over 3,000 casualties, and nearly 1,000 deaths came about by means of boating accidents and incidents.

3. Furthermore, only about 70 % of such deaths resulting were actual drownings, whereas 80% occurred in boats under 21 feet in length, respectively.

4. Alcohol has been found to be the central – core factor behind the majority of ‘fatal’ accidents…shocking, right? 

So, of course, we can see the need for getting covered if you own a boat. There are countless more statistics, from more recent years alone, but we think you get the point. Coverage is no option anymore. 

And the cost of it can be determined by you: You decide how much you want to pay off the principal, and when. The more you can do so, and the earlier done, the better it’ll be in determining your total cost over the term. Get those premiums and deductibles out of the way asap. 

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