Flood Smart for 2019: Preventative Maintenance Tips

What is Flood Smart?

Flood Smart is an invaluable government resource offered on behalf of FEMA and may be fully seen in action helping people get the flood insurance they need. And this may arise in the form of preventative services or post-disaster relief. Keep in mind that a flood is much similar to a highway, in this respect: It can run across any or all of our 50 U.S. states, respectively. And it’ll move quickly. So be prepared.  

A Few Pointers to Get You Started on the Right Foot

The first piece of advice is to ensure you’re fully "flood smart," ready for a disaster in the event it should occur in your area. And it all begins with finding out your flood threat level, assessing all potential consequences, and taking every other preventative measure needed toward that end. Flood Smart offers numerous online articles, assessment analysis tools, and other resources to help you determine if your property’s currently at risk for a potential flood — a proper test will even give you an estimated percentage of your threat level. Take advantage of such free resources online.

Also, what you can further do is get a flood insurance policy in place, which legally takes place 30 days after your official purchase date. So our best advice is to purchase it as soon as possible to sooner enact the benefits earlier. And keep in mind that if you buy it along with a closing mortgage, waiting periods won’t apply. 

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