Will my home insurance cover the cost to replace my belongings in case of fire or theft?

When you purchased your home insurance policy from Western Insurance Marketing Corporation to protect your home in San Jose or Diamond Bar, CA, you may have been overwhelmed by all the details. Even if you went over the policy very carefully with your agent, you might not have understood everything. It can be confusing as to how losses are covered, especially when it comes to whether your insurance claim will be able to help you replace needed items that you have lost because of a fire or other event.

When it comes to insurance, there is a difference between actual cost and replacement cost. If you make a claim with the replacement cost, you would be able to repurchase the items new, so it would be as though you never suffered a loss. Unless you have specifically obtained a policy which allows for the replacement cost, though, you will more than likely be getting the actual cost.

When deciding a claim, the insurance company normally has to figure out how much the item would be worth now. To figure out how much you are owed, the insurance company takes the original value and then subtracts the amount the item has depreciated since that time. Depending on the item, that can make a significant difference. 

When it comes to protecting your home in San Jose or Diamond Bar, CA, you know what will work best for you. If you think you need additional protection, or if you have any questions about your existing policy, please contact Western Insurance Marketing Corporation today so that we can answer your questions and help you get started.