How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

When clients that live in the Diamond Bar, CA area come in to talk life insurance with us at Western Insurance Marketing Corporation, their number one question is, "How much do I really need?" The answer is unique to each client, so before you purchase a policy, you will want to answer a few questions.

Assessing Your Responsibilities

Life insurance is not about creating something that will pass wealth onto the next generation, it is about reducing the economic impact of your death on those that you leave behind. If your kids are grown, married, and have their own homes, and you have survived your spouse, you may only need enough cash to cover your final arrangements. If you are the primary income source for the family, you need to think about leaving enough money to see to their comfort for the next 20 years.

Selecting a Policy that Best Supports Your Family

The good news is that life insurance is truly a flexible product. Some policies pay out just a few thousand and ones that run into the millions. You can buy a policy outright or use a monthly or annual payment plan. You can stipulate a single beneficiary or split it up if there are a number of people that will need a little extra support.

Life insurance is the ultimate fiscal responsibility as you are ensuring that your family will continue to enjoy the comforts to which they have become accustomed. If you live in the Diamond Bar, CA area and would like help in selecting your own life insurance policy, give your agents at Western Insurance Marketing Corporation a call today.

Is auto insurance needed for people in Diamond Bar?

When you live in the Diamond Bar, CA area there are going to be a lot of different benefits that come with car ownership. Vehicle owners will have an easier time getting around the area and the rest of the state. Along with driving a car regularly, you will also need to carefully assess your insurance needs. An auto insurance plan is needed by people for several reasons.

Insurance is a Legal Requirement

A key reason that you will need to have an auto insurance plan in California is that it is a legal requirement. If you are in this state, it is important that you comply with state law around liability insurance. All drivers need to have certain levels of liability coverage, which helps to protect all others on the road as coverage means you can pay for damages if you cause an accident. 

Insurance Protects Car

You should also have an auto insurance plan to protect your car. Buying a car is a big investment and you should do your best to protect it. With a full auto insurance policy, you will get collision and comprehensive protection as well. This coverage can ensure your vehicle remains covered if there is a situation that results in a loss for you.

Getting proper auto insurance in the Diamond Bar, CA area is always a good idea. As you are shopping for a new plan in this area, the team with Western Insurance Marketing Corporation can be a great resource for you. When you call the team with Western Insurance Marketing Corporation you can learn a lot about the different options that you have. The team can then give the support that you need to choose a plan that properly meets your needs. 

Why do I need a commercial insurance plan in Diamond Bar?

If you have a dream of being a small business owner, picking the right community to start one is very important. One place that can provide a lot of opportunity to small business owners is Diamond Bar, CA. If you would like to start a business in this area of the state, you need to get proper coverage. There are several reasons why you will need commercial insurance. 

Commercial Coverage is a Requirement

One reason that a lot of people in the Diamond Bar area need commercial coverage is that it is a requirement. When you are going to take out a business loan, raise outside capital or even lease a new place of business, the investor, lender, or landlord will want to know that you are covered with insurance. They almost always will have specific insurance requirements that you need to meet and provide evidence of compliance for.

Commercial Coverage Protects Business

Additionally, you will want to have commercial coverage as it can help to protect your business. A business owner will have invested a lot of time, energy, and financial resources into their company. Due to this, it is important that you protect the organization as well as you can. With a commercial insurance plan, you will get the coverage necessary to offset a variety of risks. This can help to keep your business solvent during some challenging times. 

If you want to get a commercial insurance plan and you are in the Diamond Bar, CA area, it would be smart to call Western Insurance Marketing Corporation. The insurance team with Western Insurance Marketing Corporation understands how important this coverage is. They can then help you to assess your personal situation and build a customized policy. This will help to protect your business.

Is Motorhome Insurance a Wise Investment?

Having a motorhome is a great way to travel. It’s very important to remember that motorhomes aren’t usually money-makers. In fact, you don’t want to invest in one and then expect to turn around and make a bunch of money. You can, however, usually buy one, take care of it properly, and then earn back your money invested. You won’t make a profit probably but you can still get a good return out of your investment. One of the smartest ways to protect your investment in a motorhome is to buy motorhome insurance. Here at Western Insurance Marketing Corporation serving the Diamond Bar, CA area, we’d like to share with you the top two reasons motorhome insurance makes for a wise investment.

You Never Know What Could Happen

One of the top reasons to invest in motorhome insurance is because you never know what could happen. What would you do if a storm came through and knocked down a tree onto your motorhome as you were vacationing? With the right insurance, you can easily receive compensation for motorhome damages as well as any money due to you for any injuries sustained.

Help Right When You Need It

Having motorhome insurance is also of benefit when you get stuck on the side of the road. Imagine driving halfway across the country and being out in the middle of nowhere and getting a flat tire. If you don’t have the tools to fix it, you can always tap into your motorhome insurance policy to receive roadside assistance (given your policy has this feature).

If you would like more information on why a motorhome insurance policy is a good investment, please contact the Western Insurance Marketing Corporation serving the Diamond Bar, CA area.

3 Tips for Purchasing Motorcycle Insurance in Diamond Bar, CA

Motorcycles and Diamond Bar, CA go together, considering all the sunshine and nice weather, it’s perfect for riding. But if you’re driving your motorcycle without insurance, that could be a big problem. Being a motorcycle driver leaves you vulnerable to other motorists and it’s important that you drive both defensively and protect yourself with a motorcycle insurance policy. You can’t count on the other driver to be insured or be fully insured. If you were to have a motorcycle accident and need medical attention, you’ll want to be sure you are fully covered.

Not sure where to start? Read on to learn about these three tips for buying motorcycle insurance in Diamond Bar, CA.

1. Compare Several Insurance Quotes

Before deciding on a motorcycle insurance policy, use the help of Western Insurance Marketing Corporation to compare several quotes. Together, you can go over cost and coverage points and have all your questions and concerns answered. It’s recommended to compare three or more quotes to find the right one. 

2. Bundle Your Insurance Policies

Take your new motorcycle insurance policy and bundle it with your other policies, such as auto, home, and life, under one insurance carrier. This will help you save on your premiums. See about taking a motorcycle driving class for added discounts. 

3. Work with a Reputable Agent

To make sure you choose the right motorcycle insurance policy, work with a reputable agent. He or she will ask you a few questions to determine which policies to compare, and ultimately help you narrow down your choices to the best policy for your needs.

To learn more about purchasing motorcycle insurance in your area, contact the team at Western Insurance Marketing Corporation today. 

Common Boat Insurance Myths California Residents May Not Be Aware Of

 Western Insurance Marketing Corporation serves the Diamond Bar, CA community, as well as the surrounding areas by providing residents access to different types of insurance coverage. We are committed to helping our clients find policies to protect their investments. We have established positive relationships with several different carriers throughout California.

Common Boat Insurance Myths

During warm weather, thousands of people around California take their boats out by the lake to have a good time. If you enjoy taking your boat out by the lake in Diamond Bar, CA, boat insurance allows you to protect your asset in case a disaster arises. The policy covers your boat if you are involved in a serious collision. You will also be covered if your boat catches on fire or suffers damage due to another type of natural disaster. While you are researching policies, avoid some of these common boat insurance myths. 

You Don’t Need Coverage Because Of Another Policy

Having another type of insurance coverage does not take the place of traditional boat insurance. Having a traditional boat insurance policy is the only way that you can properly protect your boat, as well as your personal items on the boat.

I Can Operate My Boat Anywhere

This is incorrect. Your boat insurance policy will likely include some navigational limits. The navigational limits will outline the specified area that you are allowed to operate your boat while maintaining coverage. If your boat gets involved in a collision outside of the navigational limits, you may not be covered.

I Don’t Need Storage Coverage

Even if you are storing your boat somewhere that is considered secure, an accident can still happen at any time. Maintaining coverage on your boat while it’s in storage protects you in case your boat suffers accidental damages by an object falling over on it or inclement weather.

Western Insurance Marketing Corporation Will Assist You

Visit our website today to learn more information about boat insurance.

Why do I need umbrella insurance?

Anyone that lives in the Diamond Bar, CA should spend time considering their insurance needs. One form of insurance that all people should consider getting is umbrella insurance. This form of insurance will provide you with additional personal liability insurance coverage. There are several reasons why someone may need to have an umbrella insurance policy. 

Insured Wants More Coverage

One situation when someone will need to have umbrella insurance is when they want to have more coverage. The most liability risk that people have comes with owning a home or driving a car. While you can receive specific insurance policies for these assets, there is always a chance that a bad accident could result in the need for more liability coverage. Your umbrella coverage policy will offer you more protection in the event damages in an accident do exceed your policy limit.

Peace of Mind

Another important reason to get umbrella insurance is that it can provide you with peace of mind. The main benefit of umbrella insurance is that it will cover you for far more situations that could result in a liability claim than you would receive with home or auto policies. These situations can be very hard to predict and having umbrella insurance will help to ensure that you have the coverage that you need, which will provide you with peace of mind.

As you are looking for umbrella insurance in the Diamond Bar, CA area, you should speak with the team at the Western Insurance Marketing Corporation. When you call the team at the Western Insurance Marketing Corporation you can learn far more about how this insurance can protect you. Based on this assessment, it will be much easier for you to find a policy that will provide you with the right coverage. 

Three things homeowners need to know about flood insurance

Flood insurance is an important financial product to invest in to protect our home in Diamond Bar, CA. At Western Insurance Marketing Corporation, we can provide you with information about flood insurance that can help you make sure that you have enough coverage.

The following are three things homeowners need to know about flood insurance. 

Flooding can happen anywhere.

Homeowners need to know that no area is completely free of any flood risk. Surprisingly, even some of the driest areas in the country- such as Death Valley- have experienced flooding. This means that it’s always a good idea to invest in flood insurance coverage regardless of where you live. 

Your flood zone designation impacts the cost of coverage.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has mapped out the country to designate areas by flood zone. It’s important to know how your area is designated. If you are living in a moderate to high risk area, it’s definitely important to purchase flood insurance to protect your property. 

Flood insurance is required for some homeowners. 

There are two situations where a homeowner may be required to purchase flood insurance. A homeowner may be required to purchase this type of coverage if the home is located in a hazard area.

A homeowner may also be required to purchase flood coverage if their mortgage lender requires flood coverage. A mortgage lender may require this type of coverage to protect the investment it makes in the property in question. 

Explore the flood insurance options available in Diamond Bar, CA with our help. Visit our website or contact us by phone at Western Insurance Marketing Corporation for assistance with your flood insurance search. 

Health insurance questions you need to ask

Choosing health insurance is one of the most important insurance decisions you make. When you are buying your own health insurance you may feel a little overwhelmed. Relax, the helpful team at  Western Insurance Marketing Corporation in Diamond Bar, CA is here to provide the assistance you need to make sure your policy is right for you. Some health insurance questions you should ask.

What is the maximum out of pocket limit

Every health insurance policy has a maximum out of pocket limit. This is the amount you must pay yearly for covered expenses before the insurance company will pay 100% of your expenses.

Is my doctor in the network

Every insurance company has a network. These are arrangements between insurance companies and healthcare providers to set rates for specific services. It is done to get the best bang for your buck. However, not every doctor works with every insurance company so it is import if you have a primary care doctor or specialist you prefer you make sure they are in the network of the insurance carrier you are considering. 

Does the policy include dental and vision services

Not having dental or vision coverage is not a good thing. Having dental and vision included in your health care policy is desirable but if it isn’t you need to know that so you can look for either another plan or adding the desired coverage. 

Are my prescriptions covered

Health insurance plans come with a formulary that lists the covered drugs and places them in tiers. Not every policy covers every drug, you need to make sure what you need is covered. 

Health insurance is too important to take lightly. At Western Insurance Marketing Corporation in Diamond Bar, CA we take your insurance needs seriously. Give us a call or stop by our office and let us help you find the health insurance you need. 

Condo Insurance Individual vs. Association Coverage

Condo associations in Diamond Bar, CA are required to provide property insurance on the common areas of their condominiums. This insurance only covers the exterior walls of individual buildings or units. Association insurance also covers any common use areas and any bodily injury which occurs within these common areas. Condo association insurance does not extend to the condo owner’s personal property or even the interior walls.  

This is why condo owners should consider purchasing their own individual insurance.  Western Insurance Marketing Corporation can help condo owners find the right type of individual insurance to help protect their property and belongings. An insurance policy for condo owners in Diamond Bar, CA includes the option to purchase individual insurance which will protect them from damage to their unit and personal possessions.  

What types of damage can be covered with a personal condo insurance policy?

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Windstorm
  • Smoke
  • Vandalism
  • Malicious mischief
  • Theft

Western Insurance Marketing Corporation can also help condo owners find a policy to cover them in case there is an injury to another person inside their condominium because association insurance only covers injury in the common areas of the condo complex or neighborhood.  There are also options to protect owners against water damage to interior walls, floors, or ceilings since the condo association coverage ends at the exterior walls.  

Where condo associations carry insurance to help protect them from damage, theft and bodily injury in any commonly used areas of the complex like a gym or a swimming pool, this coverage ends at the door of the individual condo units.  

Please visit us for more information about individual condo insurance coverage. Contact one of our agents to discuss your options for insurance and begin the process of purchasing a policy that is right for you.